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Professor Kappelman has published over 100 articles. A complete list can be found on his CV. What follows are a few that may be of particular interest to visitors to this website:

Articles Related to Software Design, Development, Implementation, and Project Management

Kappelman, L. A. & Zachman, J. A. (2013). "The Enterprise and Its Architecture: Ontology & Challenges," Journal of Computer Information Systems, Summer, 87-95.

Kappelman, L. A. (2011). "Auditing IT Projects: Early Warning Signs of Material Risk," EDP Audit, Control, and Security (EDPACS), 43 (1), 1-9. Read more.

Sidorova, A. & Kappelman, L. A. (2011). "Better Business-IT Alignment Through Enterprise Architecture: An Actor-Network Theory Perspective," Journal of Enterprise Architecture, 39-47.

Kappelman, L. A. (2010). "The Four Horsemen of IT Project Doom," The Interpreter, LXXVVIII (IV), 10-13. Read more.

Kappelman, L. A. (2010). Material Financial Risks of IT Projects: The Early Warning Signs of Failure. IT Metrics & Productivity Journal, 200 (21-December).

Kappelman, L. A., McKeeman, R. & Zhang, L. (2006) "Early Warning Signs of IT Project Failure: The Dominant Dozen," Information Systems Management, Fall 2006, 23:4, 31-36. Read more.

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Articles Related to the Management of Information Systems in Organization

Kappelman, L. A., McLean, E. R., Johnson, V., & Torres, R. (2016). "The 2015 SIM IT Issues and Trends Study," MIS Quarterly Executive, March, forthcoming.

Kappelman, L. A., McLean, E. R., Johnson, V., & Torres, R. (2015). "A Preview of the 2015 SIM IT Trends Study," MIS Quarterly Executive, December.

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Kappelman, L. A., McLean. E. R., Luftman, J., Johnson, V. (2013). "Key Issues of IT Organizations and Their Leadership: The 2013 SIM IT Trends Study," MIS Quarterly Executive, 12(4), 227-240.

Zhang, X., Ryan, S. D., Prybutok, V. R., & Kappelman, L. A. (2012). "Perceived Obsolescence, Organizational Embeddedness, and Turnover of IT Workers: An Empirical Study," The Data Base for Advances in Information Systems, 40 (3), 12-32.

Kappelman, L. A. (2010). "Enterprise Architecture: Creating Information Age Organizations," IT Metrics & Productivity Journal, 200 (21-December).  

Landrum, H., Prybutok, V., Kappelman, L. A., & Zhang, Z. (2008). "SERVCESS: A Parsimonious Instrument to Measure Service Quality and Information Systems Success," Quality Management Journal, 15(3), pp. 17-25.

Leon A. Kappelman (2007). "Bridging the Chasm," Architecture and Governance Magazine, 3(2), p. 28. Read more.

Leon A. Kappelman (2007). "Enterprise Architecture: Not Just Another Management Fad," Align Journal, March/April, pp. 24-7.

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